matching your old soles to a happy home

Mt Kilimanjaro hiking team - August 2010

We brought 150 pairs of shoes to Tanzania with the thought of going to a local village to hand out our donations. We are thankful we met these hard working men first.

We hiked up a mountain for 5 days and thought it was hard work.

Try to imagine what these men do for a living....with often sub-par footwear. Not only do they carry our packs and belongings, they carry their own, as well as the tents, food, cooking supplies, water, etc... for 11 people......ALL ON TOP OF THEIR HEAD ALL THE WAY UP THE MOUNTAIN. 50 pounds!!!

We grew attatched to our team and invited them back to our hotel after the trip. Each man chose 2 pairs of shoes, and maybe a pair for children. Some of them travelled over 2 hours just to get to our hotel just to receive the shoes.

Helping these men was one of the greatest days of our trip.